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Short Bio

Rebecca Hom is a master storyteller, with experience as an exhibit writer, group and classroom facilitator, columnist, public radio correspondent, interpretive naturalist, and full-time mother. She's gathered and shared stories on six continents, with groups of all kinds, from toddlers to tottering elders. Trained in the field of social work at Wartburg College, Iowa, Rebecca has spent 25 years using her human resource skills and the art of storytelling to share stories with a message.

The Whole Story...

Rebecca Hom never knew she would someday be a storyteller. With a vision towards the mountains, Rebecca moved from her Iowa family farm to spend her adult life discovering the natural and cultural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. She shares her sensibilities from growing up in the heartland and her inspirations from living by the sea.


For the last 25 years, the thread of story has connected Rebecca with people across the country and on six continents. She loves stories from all genres—folktales, myth, legends, and personal story—often mixing them together in a single telling. Rebecca vividly illustrates stories with “word pictures”, taking the listener from present reality into incredible imagination and safely back again.


The storyteller is philosopher, teacher, historian, entertainer and artist. The only tools are voice, expression, heart and each listener's imagination. Together they create pieces of magic and wonder.

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