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"Fresh air... Rebecca's stories are fresh, and she gives the listeners fresh air to breathe.”

 Babara Packard, Artist 

Olympia, WA

Honored with National Storytelling Foundation



This fall I received the National Storytelling Foundation Oracle Award for my longtime commitment to developing the storytelling community in the Pacific Region.

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Sand, Snakes, and Silver Wings:

The Womens’ Airforce Service Pilots of WWII
Discover a little-known part of American history, as storyteller Rebecca Hom shares the stories of WASP (Womens’ Airforce Service Pilots) and their program, including its creation, conflicts and controversial disbandment. 
Featured Program

Stories have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and focus unbelievable sights into reasonable vision. Stories bring continuity from the past and hope to our future. 

Some people believe stories hold the world together. Stories that are hundreds, even thousands, of years old still hold meaning for us. These stories, traditionally, are intended for listeners of all ages. Each listener brings a different life view, different experiences to the telling. Then the story weaves us together, connects us. The stability of story connects people in a rapidly moving world. 

Through story we can record history, pass on common values, share our joys, heal our sorrows, or simply lighten the daily load. Our lives are stories and we are all storytellers.

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Captivating students at Norwalk Elementary, Iowa, 2015

Art of Storytelling
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Teaching Cultural Tolerance

Stories that focus on the commonality of all people and share the wisdom and beauty from world cultures and Rebecca's experiences in wide travels.

30 or 90 minutes

Chop Wood, Carry Water

From the Heartland to the Last Frontier, Rebecca shares stories of perseverance, independence, and human spirit.

60 minutes


How did Coyote create the Columbia River? Why do mosquitoes bite people? How did the stars fill the sky?

Interpreting the natural world becomes magical when told from a variety of cultural perspectives.

60 minutes

What's It Take?
Choosing Success

Rebecca shares stories to illustrate the skills needed to improve our relationships, our communications, and our understanding of human behaviors.

Especially suitable for middle and high school students or parenting/family groups. 

60 minute program   or    2 hour workshop

"I'm Just Saying..."

A playful workshop for stretching communications

We say more than just the words we use. We use tone, inflection, facial expression and body language, often unconsciously. This 'playshop' uses interactive exercises for individuals and groups to expand their communications with co-workers and clients. 

Flexible time from 60 minute to 4 hour 'playshop'

Fanning the Embers

Beginning in 2005, Fanning the Embers has now become a Northwest storytelling tradition. The weekend retreat is an opportunity to gather informally in a relaxed environment. We share success and quandaries, dreams and nightmares, questions and aspirations. And we share stories! Lots of stories.  Join us in 2018!

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Norwalk Elementary Assembly
Inspiration all around!
Mezrab, Amsterdam featured teller
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Traveling to Antarctica
Prineville, Bowman Museum  5_2016
Sand, Snakes
and Silver Wings
The WASPs of World War II

The Womens’ Airforce Service Pilots training base in Sweetwater, TX, was a dry, desolate place. Twenty-five thousand female pilots applied from every state in the US; 1,100 were selected to train as WASPs and earn their Silver Wings. These highly qualified civilian pilots became the first females to fly military aircraft. They flew over 60 million miles, in pursuit, cargo and bomber planes during the brief two years of the WASP program. They served with pride, grace, and quiet glory. Their service paved the rocky path for inclusion of female pilots in the military thirty years later. 

45 or 90 minutes

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